Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a Caravan be serviced?

It's recommended that caravans are service every 12 months to make sure they are safe for use. Newer caravans that still have manufacturer warranties in place must be serviced every 12m months in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions

How much is a Caravan Service?

This varies depending on the size of your caravan. Get in touch with the Caravan Geek to get an accurate quote.

Do I need to empty everything out of my caravan for it to be serviced?

Your caravan doesn't need to be completely empty as some dealerships require, but full access will be needed to all areas.

What areas does the mobile service cover?

Please see page about Caravan & Motorhome services for a full list

I still have the manufacturer's warranty, will your service maintain this or do I need to return to the dealer I bought from?

As the Caravan Geek is approved by National Caravan Council - Approved Workshop Scheme, services can be completed to the same standard as workshop or dealership based engineers so your manufacturer's warranty will still be valid.

What are One Shot Nuts?

One Shot Nuts attach wheel hubs to the axle. They are designed to be 'single use' so as part of your service Caravan Geek will replace these. No extra charge.

You you carry many spare parts?

Common spare parts are carried, most can be sources within a few days

Can you move the caravan out of it's parking space to service it?

Caravan Geek would rather not move your caravan if it can be avoided

How long does a service take?

Please allow between 3.5 - 4 hours for a full service. Motorhomes, are slightly quicker

Where can services take place?

At your home, storage facility or campsite. Anywhere where the work can be completed safely.

Can you fix anything that you find isn't working?

Caravan Geek will attempt to complete a repair if possible, otherwise you'll be given a written no obligation quote.

Can I bring my caravan to you for it to be serviced?

Caravan Geek is a mobile service. We save you the effort of taking your caravan anywhere, we come to you.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance of the service?

Caravan Geek will need 1 metre (approx 3') access all round the caravan.

Will you put a Service Sticker on the A Frame?


How do I pay you?

Caravan Geek accepts cash, bank transfer and all credit/debit cards

Do you provide a written report following the service?

A written report will be compiled and emailed within 48hrs of the service. This can be posted to you if you'd rather.